The characteristics

The characteristics


–           production and consumption produce no harmful emissions;
–           production, storage, transportation and consumption under atmospheric conditions;
–           release of hydrogen in an exothermic reaction on demand within seconds;
–           release efficiency of 98% of what is the theoretically achievable;
–           equal release from sodium borohydride and from water;
–           the residuals reusable after recycling;
–           significantly higher energy efficiency than any other clean alternative;
–           storable and transportable in dry form, as slurry, or as a liquid;
–           safe: no danger of explosion and not flammable;
–           no toxic emissions or residues;
–           inexpensive to produce;
–           unlimited usability and unlimited possibilities of application;


Some possibilities of application:

–           generation of electrical energy with a fuel cell;
–           generation of heat with a catalyst;
–           commercially acceptable large-scale storage of electrical energy;
–           economically and ecologically preferential alternative for fossil fuels;
–           inexpensive production of hydrogen;
–           electricity and heat supply without the need for a network;
–           replacement of combustion engines by electrical drives;
–           replacement of hydraulic systems by electrical systems;
–           soundless electrical energy generation instead of generators;
–           with the application of Wu/Aarhus hydrogen-fired power stations;
–           etc.


H2Fuel is usable in i.a. the automotive, aviation, shipping, energy storage,
energy transportation, heavy industry, large-scale and small-scale energy and heat supply, energy in quiet areas, etc. with all the associated ecological and economic benefits.


Additional benefits H2Fuel:

–           distribution network for fossil fuels available worldwide;
–           globally producible, storable, transportable, and distributable;
–           all required raw materials are commercially abundantly available;
–           can be quickly implemented in society due to presence of distribution network;
–           low transportation cost due to volume, weight and atmospheric conditions;
–           the objectives of Paris can now be achieved (faster);
–           very attractive commercially;
–           independent energy supply for countries without their own energy sources;
–           no more dependence on fossil fuels.

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