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H2Fuel is hydrogen bound to a salt and has the highest energy density compared to all other hydrogen alternatives. The release of hydrogen is achieved using a patented process that requires no additional energy and doubles the amount of hydrogen stored in the salt. After hydrogen release, the residual product - or spent fuel - can be recycled and reused as a hydrogen carrier.

Key pain points of the Hydrogen economy - H2Fuel solves them all -

High costs of transportation

  • Virtually absent costs for transportation and distribution

    Compared to liquid hydrogen and ammonia

  • The most competitive option

    Whenever there are no hydrogen pipelines in place

Expensive storage, particularly long-term

  • ~85% lower long-term storage cost

    Compared to gaseous hydrogen

  • Short term storage (“firming”) is cheaper than alternatives

    Whenever the end user is not connected to a pipeline (nor close to cheap renewables)

Low energy density

  • 2-3x higher energy density compared to other carriers

    and almost similar to that of diesel

Safety Considerations

  • Not flammable, not corrosive, not toxic

    Hence requiring less safety considerations than alternative carriers

  • Comes in a powder form

    As easy to transport and store as grain

Green power produced anywhere, becomes available everywhere!


H2Fuel’s contribution to the energy transition is a safe, circular and economical hydrogen carrier. H2Fuel's hydrogen carrier has a high energy density and enables cheap transportation and low storage costs of hydrogen.

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