H2Fuel - the technology unlocking hydrogen’s potential​

H2Fuel can be used in all layers of the global economy and community. Hydrogen has the potential to replace all energy currently extracted from fossil resources with renewable energy from the sun, wind and hydropower. Hydrogen has unlimited availability and can be produced worldwide. And now, with the employment of H2Fuel and its patented processes, hydrogen can be used safely and practically for production, transport, storage and consumption. Moreover, the carrier of hydrogen is circular, reducing the cost of (re)production and adding to its sustainable character. Because of its high safety factor, efficiency and purity, hydrogen as H2Fuel can henceforth be used in aviation, shipping, trucks, trains, cars, construction and industry in all its forms, heating, electricity supply, etcetera, but also as a mobile energy supply in poorly accessible areas. H2Fuel enables a total replacement of fossil energy in the future.


H2Fuel’s contribution to the energy transition is a safe, circular and economical hydrogen carrier. H2Fuel's hydrogen carrier has a high energy density and enables cheap transportation and low storage costs of hydrogen.

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