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H2Fuel - the ultimate transport and storage solution for Hydrogen

Although globally producible and consumable, it seems economically logical that hydrogen is produced in areas where green electricity can be generated cheaply and in abundance, partly for domestic use but mainly for exporting hydrogen to global consumers. Often, this will have to be over long distances and due to the natural properties of hydrogen in liquid or gaseous form, this brings transportation and storage problems and requires costly solutions. In addition, hydrogen gas increases in volume about 900x unbound requiring high pressure or extreme cooling. As hydrogen molecules are the smallest and lightest of all, its natural characteristics cause leakage, make it a highly flammable and explosive matter and has low energy density. But bound to the H2Fuel’s hydrogen carrier, these problems are literally contained and such negative characteristics of hydrogen have been removed, thereby unlocking hydrogen’s true potential in a safe and practical way.


Of all the carriers, H2Fuel has the highest energy density, is light and, if dry, can be transported, stored (silo) and distributed in bulk under atmospheric conditions by conventional means (ship/train/truck) without specific facilities. H2Fuel is ready for use, safe, non-toxic, everlasting, has no leakage and is circular. In case of any calamity, its natural substances are degradable and pose no danger to the environment. H2Fuel can be distributed decentrally and does not require a newly built network. Dry storage of H2Fuel is possible worldwide and requires no unique qualities or conditions. These specific features of H2Fuel, in addition to all the other advantages, make transport, storage and distribution extremely cheap, immediately implementable and at dramatically lower cost than alternatives.

H2Fuel's distinguished proposition as first mover in solid hydrogen


Opportunity to Tap Into

Soaring Hydrogen Market . . .

Hydrogen is expected to become a key driving force for cornerstone sectors of economy, incl. Mobility, Power, Iron & Steel and Buildings, satisfying 12% of global energy demand in 2050, as well as a feedstock for multiple industrial products, replacing fossil alternatives


​expected increase in end-user demand, 2019-50


Solving the Key Pain Point

of Hydrogen Economy…

Disconnect between production and consumption hubs is expected to give rise to global-scale transportation of hydrogen, making efficient technology for hydrogen storage and transportation essential


​end-to-end cost reduction compared to ammonia1


Breakthrough and Truly Circular

Solution . . .

H2FUEL developed a solid hydrogen carrier which is a powder at ambient conditions, has a higher energy density, is safer and cheaper to handle than ammonia, LOHC or LH2 and can be stored for many years without losing its energy


​2-3x higher energy density

  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • No loss in storage


Unique and Cost-Efficient


High full cycle efficiency including transport and storage and direct and full hydrogen release without adding further energy whilst being 100% circular

  • Release process proven
  • Regeneration process advanced

Cornerstone in the Hydrogen economy

…supported by sky-rocketing capacity development

cumulative production capacity, mt p.a


​increase in capacity announced in the past 9 months

93 GW

​electrolysis capacity by 2030 announced

-13.2 MT

​additional capacity (blue and green) announced for post-2030

H2Fuel provides all necessary solutions to take away the key obstacles that prevent immediate and effective scale-up:


Disconnect between production locations of cheap hydrogen ($1.5/kg) and consumption hubs driven by high transportation costs


Lack of hydrogen storage (particularly long-term) and distribution infrastructure


Low energy density of hydrogen and main carriers obstructs international trade


Safety concerns on storage and distribution


H2Fuel’s contribution to the energy transition is a safe, circular and economical hydrogen carrier. H2Fuel's hydrogen carrier has a high energy density and enables cheap transportation and low storage costs of hydrogen.

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